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There's a host of reasons many homeowners and people alike hire TRJ. Perhaps they’re wanting to sell a house or even buy one. We here at TRJ offer the top of line services; We believe it's important to go above and beyond for the clients and agents no matter the cause. With that being said be sure to watch/read on If you're wanting to buy a home where you should start and what to do, by our very own Rahul Jaggi!

The number one thing I recommend for each and every single homebuyer and especially a first-time homebuyer is to figure out what your pre-approval letter is for pre-approval letter will help you guys significantly figure out how much of a home you can afford, and what basically what areas you guys should be looking at.

When it comes to first-time homebuyers there's a great program that the government offers is called an FHA, which is a first-time homebuyer program. This program is probably the lowest downpayment that you can give in order to buy and own your own dream home, a lot of people don't realize is that you can buy a house for as little as three and a half percent down in this country all the way down to three, zero down, which if you want to know about that, give us a call at 516-996-3633. I can tell you how you can buy your home for 0%. 

We also have a conventional and then we also have rehab loans and other and no income check loans that are all available. Now for a first-time homebuyer one thing I would check is at least look at FHA. FHA just understand it's not just your first home that you qualify.

But if even if you so let's say I buy my first home in Queens, and then I want to keep that property as an investment property after six months or a year, you can again do an FHA Nassau County, there's some, you know, leeway in there to figure out how you could do that. But basically, with the FHA, you would be able to own a home for as little as three and a half percent down your when it comes to your credit report.

A common misconception is, Hey, I don't have the best credit. And I can't meet, I can't own a house. This is a huge misconception, the government, as well as banks, actually lend to people credit scores as low as 580. Now with COVID, these numbers have come up a little bit. But regardless, they are banks out there that are doing loans of 550 580 600 credit score, then what that will do is even with a low credit score, you're able to get a loan.

So let's say I'm buying a house for 500,000, you can potentially own a house and give only 3.5%, which would be almost 18,000. And you could own your dream home. Obviously, there are three 4% closing costs, which are associated with this. However, we can actually skip that and we can add it as a closing cost. And that's another great thing that we offer.

-Rahul Jaggi

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